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Erection problem.. - vanad clinic

Erection problem..


Erection problem..

Erection problem..

Dear Dr. 3 days back I had nightfall. It was painful. Caused a lot of pain in testicles. After this I am not able to have erection not even once. I tried many ways to have an erection but nothing worked for me. Did scrotal doppler ultrasound and everything was normal in report. Its been 4 days I didn’t had an erection. I am 27 years old, unmarried. Worried a lot about my life. Please suggest what should I do now. Do I need to take any more tests? Please help
 - Male, 27 years Pune.

Ans- Dear Friend, You need to relax and take it easy. There is no specific time span for nightfall. So please do not stress over it. You have already taken ultrasound test, the results of which are normal. Pain during nightfall can be taken care of by proper emptying of the bladder. Other than that’s, there is no reason for you to stress or add to any kind of anxiety. 

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