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Max 10 Seconds Doctor..? - vanad clinic

Max 10 Seconds Doctor..?


Max 10 Seconds Doctor..?

Max 10 Seconds Doctor..?

“Doctor I suffer from premature ejaculation and I can't cure it. I’d never heard of the expression premature ejaculation, but I obviously realized it would have been good to last on the positive side of zero seconds. Like many women, my wife kept any disappointment to herself and did a good job of making me feel like it was alright. But it clearly wasn’t ...” Mr. Nair Age 33 yr, depressed & frustrated youth was sitting in front of me at my consulting room few years back.I started taking his history. 

"Doctor I smoke 1 or 2 cigarettes in a day & drink occasionally at social party, may be once in a month.." - he responded when I asked him about his habits. I explained him causes of premature ejaculation can be his life style habits – smoking & alcohol.

"It can also be due to excessive masturbation habit in childhood.." when I pointed him indirectly he responded positively. He had that habit in childhood and also during his teenage he had 1 or 2 sexual encounters with his friends. 

When asked about mental stress - another causative factor for premature ejaculation, his response was - "I work in IT & we do have deadlines" 

I did his clinical examination.In such patients we can do blood tests for serum testosterone but i did not found the reason to do it as I was clinically sure of his condition and his treatment. 

"I don't want to use pills or continually distract myself- that's not the point of sex. My wife pretends she doesn't mind but I know she must. It get practically over before it even starts - Max 10 seconds Doctor..! ! ! Every time I make some excuse to avoid sex. And so over the months we gradually had sex less and less. Doctor please do something ..." Mr Nair was pleading me with almost wet eyes. 

I assured him to do the best. 

We prescribed him Homoeopathic, Ayurvedic medicines and some supplements. 

Mr Nair started improving slowly. We had some counselling sessions with him to clear his queries, misunderstandings and even made him aware of some easy techniques. We used some of Bach flower homoeopathic medicines in series to regain his self confidence. We made him practice some small exercises which will help strengthen him pelvic muscles. 2 months later Mr. Nair visited my clinic. Requested my assistant to meet me. And NO he was not alone to visit my clinic this time, but his wife has purposefully joined to visit my clinic to express her gratitude. 

What a sense of high feeling a doctor can get when both husband & wife visit clinic to thank you.. No words to express it..! ! ! ! 

Vanad Clinic (Pune) - 9225500666

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